BiopicThis book explores the subject of demons ,principalities and the gods of this world. The age and dispensation we are in requires the peoples and the leaders of the church to step back and acknowledge the concept that the church as a whole is not being lead by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Jesus Christ. It is important for us to understand that the last church age will be and already is involved in a massive spiritual battle. Man has abused and used Gods church and God’s people. The collateral damage from that is overwhelming.There is a shift occurring in the spirit realm, and it is my job to explain and help equip the faithful with hard truth. Our misery , self pity and defeat do not honor our God . We must honor Him by being watchful,and not walk in these things.We must kneel down in repentance so that we may stand up and fight!  I hope this book will be a catalyst for many peoples,of all walks of life to begin to let God work closely with them,bringing about deliverance, and equipping them for the battle that has landed on this generation!