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Photo on 6-11-14 at 3.35 PMI am a  spirit realm Seer for the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ,sanctified by the Holy Spirit to do his will. I have never touched the occult and have remained clean in this area.

I have spent many years seeking God and getting deliverance. Enjoying his protection and favor along the way. Lately, my job and responsibility sphere has increased requiring me to step out of my own life and those in my inner circle to seek God for the multitudes.

I pray that God’s people become zealous about true repentance,humility and worship. It is only then that we can walk in the mighty power of God. We are in danger of being deceived by the enemy and we live in very dark times. I hope and pray this book helps the church receive the delivering power of Jesus Christ, and every leader will check there inventory by trying the spirits and testing their doctrine .

I am very much a regular person, it is my love for God’s kingdom and his burdened people  that has led me to this.

Please enjoy the book and let us know your thoughts!


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