Angie’s List

I don’t mind plugging other Authors and Leaders that have been helpful in my life or whom I think have specific anointings.

Books about basic deliverance:

Pigs in the parlor- Frank Hammond

Thou shalt expel demons- Derrick Prince

Books about Dream symbolism:

In a dream,In a vision of the night- Susan Noone Riddle

Popular Leaders:

Francis Chan- Author/ Apostolic gift-Speaks truth to Leaders and Gods people in basic ,yet bold revelations about the Church.

Irwin Baxter– End of the Age ministries/Author- gifted in prophecy interpretation and wisdom,it is easy to follow and confirm his warnings.

Francis Frangipane– Gifted Prophet/Author ;specific calling deep prayer intercession and warfare emphasizing a deeper walk with Jesus Christ, and instructing others how to do so.

Jentzen Franklin– Gifted Prophet/Evangelist/Author ,teaches repentance and warfare through fasting and prayer.

Henry Wright-Apostle/Prophet/Author with huge revelation on Spiritually rooted diseases and healing processes through deliverance.



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