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Division and Civil Unrest in America; What does God say?


In this post I want to discuss the topic of the day, civil unrest in America that has lead to the most divisive culture that many of us have ever seen.

Most of you know, I saw this in two separate open visions in 2014 and published them,but I wanted to share more of what God was speaking personally to me at that time.

The false prophets were all speaking of Obama being the last president and FEMA camps so my voice went out with little attention , I am used to not being believed, but there is a remnant that knows I speak truth. I do not walk in the Babylonian spirits that want to make a name for themselves, nor do I want wealth and fame. I learned early on that it is dangerous to do those things. In my line of work for God, one can not compromise, when we do , we lose Gods voice and nothing is worth that, nothing.

I always try and document things, and at this point I have notebooks everywhere but I know I posted to my followers about this ,here goes:

I was in deep prayer and conversations with the Lord, determined to get his take and discard all other voices , he said to me, Daughter, tell your people not to join any movements, no matter how righteous they appear, do not join them. Do not follow the crowd to do evil. Do not follow conspiracy. Follow me.

Afterwards my husband asked what God had said, and when I told him that God said , do not join any movements, they are not of him.”

My husband did not then understand, but of course now it is crystal clear.

Three years later, we see the undeniable fruit of this spiritual movement in America. With the help of Russia and Isis our land has become toxic. People are murdering innocents and the media pits us against each other night and day. We have political parties stoking the flames of division and spreading discord like the plague. It has become a sickness and a plague.

For ye are yet carnal: whereas there is among you envying and strife,and divisions, are ye not carnal and walk as men?…. Let no man deceive himself. If any among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool,that he may be wise, for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.” 1 Corinthians Chapter 3

When we partake in such foolishness, we are not spiritual but fleshly, we are looking to the Baals and the false gods of government to solve our problems, which is futile.

The enemy knows that the only way to destroy us is for us to destroy ourselves. We are too powerful for them to invade, we are too wealthy for them to starve us out, the only way is to foster such vitriol hatred and division that we attack ourselves.

History shows that countries that pit one political party against another leads to civil war.Our youth have no idea the horrors of civil war. look at Syria and many other places and see the ungodly acts, people are murdered, starved ,beaten, all is fair in war. No one wins and our future generations will pay a terrible cost, and for what? Because the enemy wants to defeat us, that is why.

These days the news cycles talk of Russia non stop and yet they still do not get it. I contacted many in our government back then to no avail. Russia was and is hacking us and trolling us to sew discord, period. Putin and his people are not only ambitious and crafty, they have an agenda. They hate everything that we stand for and everything that we are. He is possessed by an ancient demon, he is not a regular man. He is laughing at us now as he watches the media get it all wrong , as usual. He loves it. He planned it and it worked!

Do I believe this is over? Not at all, the flame vision continues, and in the end the west coast and much of the east lit up like Christmas trees with flames that represented civil unrest and terrorist attacks. It is what it is.

In the mean time I am calling on my followers to avoid divisive movements. If it looks divisive, it is not of God. Not only does it steal your peace, it is evil and it is anti-christ.

For the Lord spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying, Say ye not, a conspiracy, to all them to whom people shall say, A conspiracy; neither FEAR ye their FEAR, nor be afraid. SANCTIFY the LORD of Hosts himself; and LET HIM BE YOUR FEAR, AND LET HIM BE YOUR DREAD. Isaiah 8:12

When the moment counts may we be on the side of the Lord. Let us pray:

Father we come to you in heartfelt repentance, cleanse us of the spirits of lies and division. Help us to walk in your ways of peace and let us seek you in everything that we do. We denounce all other voices but yours and we honor your voice of truth and strength.May we be loyal to you and may we be saved from the snares of the enemy. Restore us and our land once again. May your enemies fall hard and never climb up again, in our masters name Jesus ,we pray.




Wounds and traumas ; deliverance from demons 1vlwEz0


Ahab gives Jezebel authority,but what gives her strength? (Overthrowing Babylon continued),many of us have learned that deliverance from the counterfeit kingdom known as Babylon is a process. There seems to be many moving parts involved and I am in awe of the Lord and His ability to work with us so closely, simultaneously.

Most of you know God had me observe this kingdom, write a book about it’s enforcers and overthrow and defeat it in my own life, and for me it has involved several relationships that needed to be set in order, changed and healed. You see, Jezebel spirits have many “Tentacles”.


I want to emphasize that all Jezebel spirits get their authority to defile and commit evil from those who operate in Ahab spirits, and with authority comes power. However, she draws her strength from her eunuchs, Asherahs and lesser Jezebels.

The Lord says this about Jezebel,dogs will devour Jezebel by the outer walls of Jezreel. And as for Ahabs family dogs will eat them…there had never been anyone like Ahab, who was firmly committed to do evil in the sight of the Lord, urged on by his wife Jezebel.” 1 Kings 21:25  ( We must remember that Ahab was judged and killed first! He was already dead when this was prophesied. And those with his spirits will go down first too.)

How does she do this? How is she so skilled at getting others to do things for her?

She is very selfish and uses many tools or spirits to manipulate people. For example,if she has a crisis,it will become your crisis. She will overwhelm you with anxiety,worry , and guilt to the point that you will do anything to help her. If you pity this spirit, you will obey it,and this spirit knows this. Jezebel spirits are very good at wearying the people.

While Jezebel spirits get their authority from Ahabs, as women we do not have to draw from this.

We have a choice, we can draw from the Holy Spirit, and we must choose. But in order to do this, we must understand the Holy Spirit. We must desire the things that God desires,we must love and understand his word because he will never act contrary to it.

What does a eunuch look like? 

They intervene by stopping the reaping and sowing principal set in place by God to correct us when we err.

No matter what Jezebel does,people step in and carry the burden or weight for her.They feel guilty if they do not do this.

They are full of pity and mercy for one of the most vile spirits in the realm.

It doesn’t matter how rebellious, irresponsible or controlling she is, they still do her bidding. She has everyone convinced that her needs and situations are the most important thing in the world, and because we are afraid to upset her,we will comply.

We have to remember that Satan is not omnipresent, nor omnipotent like God. He has to rely on a vast network of evil spirits to accomplish the counterfeit. These evil spirits have to have the cooperation of human beings. Disembodied spirits can do no harm unless that have human beings willing to let them work out their evil nature through.

The compassionate response we must have sometimes is prayer and supplication. Let God have a chance to intervene and help,correct and heal them. Empowering someone to walk in the unclean is not love or compassion, it is the opposite. I believe we will be held accountable for this ,if not in this life then the next.

It is humanity ,with the help of Satan and his kingdom that have set up and allowed the kingdom of Babylon (Genesis chapter11)

Revelation chapter 18 describes the demise of the kingdom of Babylon,which is a metaphor for a powerful and evil kingdom,the anti- christ kingdom.

Study it closely because it specifically states that Gods people will be required to separate from it,lest its plagues consume us with it. Ladies and gentlemen,whether you function as the strongest Jezebel ,or the eunuch, you serve the enemy. The good news is you can decide to defeat it and you must! I have been sent by God to tell everyone,all are tainted , all must humble themselves before God in repentance and get free.

ALL OF US that are called by His name

Say this prayer with me today:

Father God , we ask you today to shine light upon our hearts. we ask for revelation and knowledge and understanding, we ask for courage.We desire to draw strength and authority from you .We ask that you sever all of Jezebels tentacles from our lives,hearts and minds. We ask that you deliver us from our own selfishness and the selfishness of others. Empower us and equip us day by day to thwart the schemes of the wicked and give us a sound mind, free from anxiety and guilt. In the powerful and Holy  name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

*Note to Ahab sufferers, the spirit will try to get you to focus on and blame Jezebel, you will not get free if you do this!


Babylon – The counterfeit Kingdom

vbsd0281_ntscSince the book ,the Lord has lead me to study Revelation chapter 18.

You will note that in the book , God revealed to us ( and other prophets as well I am learning) that the kingdom of Babylon is a metaphor, symbolic for a false but powerful ‘kingdom’ also referred to as a ‘beast’. In the spirit, it is the political and religious system put in place by man with the help of the enemy . Satan ,the God of this world has been allowed by man to build a counterfeit system that mimics the kingdom of God and in fact tries to over throw or replace it.

And as all spiritual truth goes, it began in Genesis,which in translation means  ” the beginning”. Genesis describes the people building a “city and a tower”  that would ascend in to the heavens, that would reach the throne of heaven .

In Genesis Chapter 11 ,we see that God confuses their language and scatters them abroad across the face of the earth. In Revelation chapter 18, we see a depiction of an angel coming down and bringing power and  revelation that     ” Enlightens the earth with it’s glory .  He then describes the kingdom of Babylon being destroyed with great power. He describes what the kingdom looks like and says that all the nations fornicated with her. But the most important thing that I see here is in verse 4, ” AND I HEARD ANOTHER VOICE FROM HEAVEN ,SAYING, COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE,THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS,AND THAT YE RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES,FOR HER SINS HAVE REACHED UNTO HEAVEN,AND GOD HATH REMEMBERED HER INIQUITIES.” 

It is my fervent belief that all have been tainted and need deliverance from Babylon, especially American Christians. It is a reality that many can not yet fathom. It is my belief and experience that our church system has been defiled by these three spirits that enforce Babylon in the Church- Ahab, Jezebel and Leviathan. They command a complex network of demonic spirits tasked with deceiving the church, especially the End -Time Church.
Could it be that God has called us to be fore runners for this great deliverance and mass exodus of the elect from the evil system known as Babylon?

In his great mercy ,He is giving us understanding. We have a battle plan, we understand the hierarchy and structure of the false system, Now we must do the work.

It is by commandment that he says to come out of Babylon! Even if only a remnant obey Him,even if everyone else refuses,we must overthrow the false kingdom in our own lives,hoping all the while that God will allow us to bring many with us!

Pray with me : Father, we ask you to deliver us from the false kingdom and lead us out by the Holy Spirit. We ask you to forgive us if we have been unfaithful to you. Lead us into the path of righteousness, and deliver us from evil, In the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Amen