Babylon – The counterfeit Kingdom

vbsd0281_ntscSince the book ,the Lord has lead me to study Revelation chapter 18.

You will note that in the book , God revealed to us ( and other prophets as well I am learning) that the kingdom of Babylon is a metaphor, symbolic for a false but powerful ‘kingdom’ also referred to as a ‘beast’. In the spirit, it is the political and religious system put in place by man with the help of the enemy . Satan ,the God of this world has been allowed by man to build a counterfeit system that mimics the kingdom of God and in fact tries to over throw or replace it.

And as all spiritual truth goes, it began in Genesis,which in translation means  ” the beginning”. Genesis describes the people building a “city and a tower”  that would ascend in to the heavens, that would reach the throne of heaven .

In Genesis Chapter 11 ,we see that God confuses their language and scatters them abroad across the face of the earth. In Revelation chapter 18, we see a depiction of an angel coming down and bringing power and  revelation that     ” Enlightens the earth with it’s glory .  He then describes the kingdom of Babylon being destroyed with great power. He describes what the kingdom looks like and says that all the nations fornicated with her. But the most important thing that I see here is in verse 4, ” AND I HEARD ANOTHER VOICE FROM HEAVEN ,SAYING, COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE,THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS,AND THAT YE RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES,FOR HER SINS HAVE REACHED UNTO HEAVEN,AND GOD HATH REMEMBERED HER INIQUITIES.” 

It is my fervent belief that all have been tainted and need deliverance from Babylon, especially American Christians. It is a reality that many can not yet fathom. It is my belief and experience that our church system has been defiled by these three spirits that enforce Babylon in the Church- Ahab, Jezebel and Leviathan. They command a complex network of demonic spirits tasked with deceiving the church, especially the End -Time Church.
Could it be that God has called us to be fore runners for this great deliverance and mass exodus of the elect from the evil system known as Babylon?

In his great mercy ,He is giving us understanding. We have a battle plan, we understand the hierarchy and structure of the false system, Now we must do the work.

It is by commandment that he says to come out of Babylon! Even if only a remnant obey Him,even if everyone else refuses,we must overthrow the false kingdom in our own lives,hoping all the while that God will allow us to bring many with us!

Pray with me : Father, we ask you to deliver us from the false kingdom and lead us out by the Holy Spirit. We ask you to forgive us if we have been unfaithful to you. Lead us into the path of righteousness, and deliver us from evil, In the mighty name of Jesus Christ- Amen


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