Campaign questionaire-The Why ,The How and The Reason for this book

Why did you write this book?

I was leading a small group of believers at the time. We would meet twice a week to pray, worship and study. The Lord began to astonish us. We found that he not only honored this ,but that he actually began to work with us supernaturally. The gift that I possess is very unwelcome in the Church .If I attended traditional church , I had to pretend to be someone else. It was  a false life. The group I was with was very dedicated to God and after we completed a 21 day fast ,it felt like God put a plug in my head and plugged it into His mind. He instructed me to write down what I was seeing. He did not allow me to do any research from the internet or other sources. I was to listen to Him and compare it to scripture, so that is what I did. That has been a long pattern with me and the Lord. He shows me first then confirms. I did not even understand the revelation myself at the time.

What are five key messages people should take away from  this book

1. I believe the Bride of Christ is being prepared. Multiple scriptures in the Old Testament and New Testament speaks of the end time church being cleansed by FIRE before he returns. I believe that we are that generation.

2. The Church has been infiltrated by the enemy and his kingdom. Because of rampant false doctrine many believers have no understanding of how to overcome these evil spirits/mindsets/systems nor why it must be done. The false prophets are loved, honored and respected while those who are real are attacked and persecuted.  The Lord showed me that many of his churches are being lead by hirelings, not shepherds. Also that the False has lead so long , it is difficult  for unbelievers looking in to respect the church and they transfer those feelings by blaming and denying God.

3. I believe this book is written first and foremost for leaders. Our leaders must get clean and repent,and if they do not, I believe they will be removed and over thrown by God. Those that stand in the pulpit and spout false doctrine are in serious danger.

4.The spirit realm exists. God is a spirit, Satan is a spirit, demons are spirits ,angels are spirits. We can no longer refute demonic activity because they are continually in our midst. Our apathy will not defeat Satan . People challenge me saying that Jesus already defeated Satan. I agree, but that does not explain why he is so prevalent and active in our lives. The fruit of this belief system has been proved to be wrong, that is clear to me. We have to partner with God and over throw him for ourselves. It is one thing to believe, but quite another to act and respond to these beliefs. People who claim but do not posses, or hear but do not act are short changing the cross and are possibly deceived.

5.I believe that true believers must learn to use their spiritual weapons and gifts. As times become more perilous, the false will not save nor protect you. Knowing truth and walking in it is very powerful. I find that many peoples knowledge of God the Father, Jesus Christ and his sacrifice,and the functions of the Holy Spirit are shallow and some what self serving. Deliverance has to start with ones self. Recognizing evil and casting it out is a very personal thing. I find that we are no good to others and God cannot trust us with His power while we maintain the arrogant position that we do not need deliverance from darkness.

Was there any controversy while writing this book and since?

The truth is, the visions I have seen troubled me greatly , even though I knew it was devastatingly accurate. The controversy is seeing and admitting that our churches look nothing like the scriptures, nor do we practice what Jesus died to give us. Many Christians believe that evil cannot touch them, but that just isn’t true. The truly dedicated servant will experience many demonic attacks and will be required to go through the sanctification process. Any breach that devils can find, they will use to vex, curse, kill, steal and destroy. Many people are literally perishing from lack of knowledge. The Lord will hold leaders accountable first. Also the fact that I am a woman puts a stigma on me instantly in the church system. It is very hard for some to receive any thing I say because of that and my anointing is very different than what people are used to.

Describe the theme of this book.

The message of this book to me is deep revelation about the spirit realm, written for the church. Jesus stated that the Father seeks those who worship in spirit and in truth. We must accept spirit realm realities and apply God’s truth to our lives to defeat the enemy. This book is a guide to spiritual warfare with the bigger principalities being exposed. They are the puppet masters and encounter very little resistance. For years I dealt with and cast out minor demons and ‘strong men’. God showed me the big picture and hierarchy. The head and the rulers that build and develop the false kingdom that is snuffing out the true kingdom. The true sheep are wounded and his people are the vessels that wound.I believe if we know the root principalities or spirits that  cause this, we have a great advantage in battle.
So even if this was hard to see and deal with on a personal level, it is a great act of mercy from God in my mind.

Was this book based on your life?

Yes, I have been groomed by God for many years to do spiritual warfare. We have cast out thousands of demons. I have had vision and knowledge for multiple people. My gift has been tried and true over a period of 15-20 years. It gets tricky because self promotion in my line of work is dangerous. Finding a way to promote the vision without including myself is impossible. But God has told me that the false boldly take the platform and speak things with arrogance saying they are from his lips, He said to me ” You will speak what I command you to speak”, and He has been pretty firm about that. I realize I would be totally irresponsible to let negative attention stop me from speaking up. I have tried that route before and it never ends well. Just like the story of the 10 lepers being cleansed by Jesus and only 1 turned back and gave glory to God, so has been my life. There is very little earthly reward for people like me.This book is not your typical ‘Jesus loves you’ book. It is a book about warfare, battles and conditions of the heart. While I do have positive testimonies, it is still too early to know how it will play out in peoples individual lives. But myself and my family have been required to walk this out, and it has and still is challenging.

What do you hope to see come from this book?

My desire is to see people set free. My desire is to watch evil diminish and good increase.

My ultimate desire is to see people take up the fight in the name of the Lord.

Satan has a vast army and he uses human beings. I believe God is looking to and fro for those whom are willing to refute darkness and walk in His light.

Radio interview

Radio interview