Testimony Three

I have known and ministered along side Angela for over fifteen years and witnessed her gift and discerning of spirits in action all these years, bringing physical healing to many people. Ephesians 4:11-12 says these gifts are given to us for the equipping of the saint, for the work of the ministry and for the perfecting of the saints; or to bring the saints to maturity. I have also witnessed the persecution and suffering that she has endured for possessing such a huge gift from God.

I have found in my own life deliverance from evil spirits has deepened my relationship with God like nothing else. I always knew right from wrong and have had a very deep ‘sin concience’ in my heart and my mind through God’s word ; deliverance has given me the ability to easily do whats right with no struggle within. The spirits warring in my soul ,mind and body are without me now,no longer within me causing me to act out in whatever sin may be tempting me or beckoning me to fulfill it.It has given me the ability to see it in truth and refuse it. Before I received any deliverance it was a challenge to hear the Lords voice, confusing even always wondering what was Him ,what was me or even what was the devil. After a bit of deliverance, the voice of the Lord became very pronounced to me , easier to discern and easier to act on because I was sure of His voice. This enabled me to couple my faith and act accordingly. Each act of obedience to Him and His voice lead me to more and more freedom ,blessings and peace. I was able to see my prayers answered more quickly and the gifts God put in me such as teaching, prophecy and intercession began to emerge. God has also used me to cast out demons.

One of the many freedoms I have experienced has been freedom from many, many spirits of fear. I struggled a great deal with fears all of my life, since I was a child , and nothing brought me relief but deliverance. I no longer walk with these fears, and have not for many years. Fear brings about anxiety and anxiety creates illness.

I was very sickly as a child and young adult. Doctors could never find anything physically wrong but would always put me on anti anxiety meds which I would not take. They thought my problems were all in my head, so I decided to live with that.

Once I was introduced to deliverance and submitted to the process, God began to set me free of the many layers of fear. It has been many years now and I have not been to the doctor since,  other than routine check ups – PRAISE GOD!

There are many other spirits God has set me free from and is still working on me as He sees fit, but I can say that fear and all that it consists of has been one of the most damaging things I have carried around in my mind and body. To be free from it and all the horrible things it did to me and my life is totally amazing. I cannot believe that I was such a slave to these evil spirits for so long. I did not know in the early years of my Christian walk about deliverance. The Church, as a whole had no concept of evil spirits,that they exist and invade our minds and bodies to wreak havoc in our lives.

God has called me to work with Angie, to minister deliverance to others and this we are doing. We see God weekly and people being set free and healed on a regular basis. It is our hearts desire to pass this freedom we have received on to others in hopes that God’s children will become the spotless bride He desires to receive unto himself. Vonna Burysek

Angie’s note- Vonna has been at my right hand for many years. She possesses the gift of prophecy and everything she has said over me has come to pass. She has been the only person who could or would  faithfully support me all these years. Early on it became apparent that after each deliverance session ,I would suffer greatly in my body,sometimes leaving me bed ridden for days. She is the person that would go home and intercede for me faithfully. I do not think I would even be alive today if it had not been for her diligence to do this. I am blessed and thankful to God for her, and I pray she reaps an abundant reward for her faithfulness to this work.


Testimony Number One

My Name is Betty Ann Black. I am a christian, I was raised a Baptist. In all the years I went to church I was taught forgiveness. I never once heard the word ‘deliverance’. As a child I was molested by my father starting at age nine. He was a fine upstanding man,and a deacon of the Church. As I grew up, I fought off advances from him and many other so called fine christian men. I took on  spirits of hatred for men,and many other bondages.

By age sixteen ,I was married and pregnant,he proceeded to beat and /or abuse me as did the next 5 husbands. My daughters witnessed these things and I took on more spirits ,such as fear ,vengeance,anger and not being good enough with very low self-esteem.

One husband tried to murder me and my daughter. During the struggle he was shot and he died. This is when guilt ,fear and shame completely overtook me.

When I met Angie,she was a teacher at our Church. She took a group of ladies to a conference on deliverance. As he was teaching on repentance ,he began to cast demons out by name. My head began to go up and back,my nose up in the air. I had to struggle to keep my composure and to keep my head bowed. It was then that I knew that something was working inside me,something I had no control over. My deliverance would soon begin. Just as it took a lifetime of uncontrollable circumstances that took place in my life,that created this  disturbed shell of a person; It would take many prayer sessions and much deliverance to chip away the darkness and pursue the path of freedom. It did not happen over night.

When we returned to the room that night,we began sharing what we had all experienced. Angie started to pray over a lady in our group. As they were praying a spirit picked me up and hurled me across the room. (This would happen again several times) This demon would pick me up and throw me during prayer sessions. Another time in a prayer meeting,someone else was getting prayer,as Angie commanded the demon named ‘Pandora” to leave that person , I was lifted and thrown again, I felt the air leave my body and I landed on my back. One who was watching described it as being lifted up and thrown backwards onto the floor.

After Angie began to minister to me personally ,over the next several months,God instructed me to burn any unclean objects,such as dream catchers and other things. After we did this, the spirit that threw me to and fro left (my lineage has a lot of occultism in it) . Angie and Darryl were in a different town the day we burned the objects and she felt the spirit try and lift her up and throw her too. She called and asked what we were doing. That spirit was very angry at her as well.

As my deliverance has progressed,I have felt the power of the Almighty. He has given me a gift of discernment. It is a voice that I used to ignore, but now I listen.

I am 59 years old and am now married to my 7th husband ( We have been married 18 years) . You see, I took on the spirit of hating men while seeking them out at the same time. This was caused by the spirit Jezebel (which I still Have), but we are dealing with her. I have had many demons cast out of me and I am much stronger now and ready to deal the final blow to Jezebel.

I no longer take medications for depression and anxiety,which I have taken for 30 years.

God has delivered me from so much and I am truly grateful. I love the Lord with all my heart and wish to serve Him only. Do not be afraid of deliverance,and the journey that leads to freedom. Every battle won brings a new level of peace and ability to hear the Lords’ voice.

My children who lived this nightmare with me can not believe the changes in me! Praying for peace,happiness and wholeness for all of you in Jesus name. AMEN

Angies’ note- Betty also had demons that mimicked multiple personalities. One of them would manifest as a little girl. Her voice would change and she would speak like a 5 year old. We managed to get rid of those through deliverance. I believe she took this little girl spirit from the sexual abuse. Her personality was so fractured. In 50 years no doctor,nor scientist could cure her,but alas our mighty God did ! Betty has a very strong gift of compassion and ministers unconditional love to the most unloving of people. I thank God for her every day. She is steadfast and loyal,and a great asset to our group.


Testimony Number Two

MS says – I have been pursuing God and deliverance for a couple of years now,off and on.Every time I am getting devils cast out of me, I cry. I cry them out. Some people may yawn,sneeze , even groan or growl, but it never fails for me,I ball my little eyes out.

Although I do remember a session when I was getting prayer,as usual I was crying as Angie was  casting out some smaller demons that were armor for a bigger demon inside me.

Once the armor was gone my crying paused. I looked up into Angie’s eyes and I felt a spirit looking out of my eyes at her. It was not my own. It felt so evil and it made me feel like I hated Angie.

My body ,especially my face was burning hot. My skin felt like I was on fire. It felt like I had a really high fever.I did not feel like myself. I wasn’t in pain,but my movement didn’t feel like my own. It was hard to sit still.

I remember staring directly into Angie’s eyes and she said “Who are you?”

The spirit did not respond,so she asked how I felt and was it speaking to my mind.

All I know is I felt a deep hatred for her and I could not find the words to tell her what I was feeling. My mind was telling her how I felt ,but my mouth was still. I was unable to use words.

She kept staring at me,her eyes looking straight through me to the spirit within me. The Lord told her the spirit showing itself was “hatred”. She said  “It is hatred” and I started to laugh .I felt hysterical,it wasn’t me ,it was the spirit mocking her and I couldn’t help myself. I tried to control it , but it was no use. Hatred was manifesting.

Angie began casting the hatred spirit out and I stopped laughing immediately. My face was getting hotter and hotter until it broke and the demon left.As soon as it left ,I felt normal again.

And I was looking through my eyes again instead of the evil spirit.

And as usual ,I began crying. Crying the spirit out,balling my eyes out as the devil leaves.

Our God is awesome and all powerful,and I am thankful that he loves me.

Angie’s note: This particular case has had other miracles as well. Being young ,(20 something) they were plagued with debilitating back problems,causing many trips to the chiropractor,and a lot of suffering.

We were able to diagnose and minister in this area. After doing warfare ,a spirit of insecurity was cast out. To this day,this person is healed. I am thankful for the younger generation whom are seeking God and getting deliverance,and I appreciate their zeal





3 thoughts on “Testimony

  1. Rita

    Hello Angela:
    I recently purchased your book along wig Derek Prince’s book on Spiritual Warfare and William Schnoebelen’s Blood on the Door Posts (warfare)
    I have always been drawn to warfare especially through worship. There for awhile I would do battle in dreams. I would wake up shouting. Lately I have really started looking inward in a very detailed manner. I know I need deliverance from several things. Do you ever do personal one on one deliverance for people? I live in WA state and no where near KY. But I know to be effective in these days, I do need to be spiritually prepared.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Angela Post author

      Yes I do private sessions. The book has a list in the back and anyone can use it ,if they are born again. I recommend starting with Ahab first, even if he isn’t your strongman, or easy to see.Our experience shows us that we usually have all three, but operate stronger in one or the other. It may take time, but it will be so worth it! God bless you and I am praying for you now!


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