The spirit of Jezebel ; undoing the taboo

The word  Jezebel in our society is likened to being called (to put it mildly) , a female dog or a harlot . It does not garner the same response as being told you have Ahab or Leviathan or any other spirit for that matter.

After spending years chipping away at smaller demons, strong men and deities , God expanded our vision and revealed one of the highest of them all. She is a puppet master with many puppets at her disposal. She is one of the three principalities that are sent to torment and vex the saints of God, and she has much success.

She is the most complicated of all the spirits because she has such a vast network and multiple functions. She looks different in every person, because everyone has different personalities, but her movements are easy to see and will have commonality, once you shine the light upon her ways.

For example, one of her main fruits is to bring in sickness and infirmity. “And I gave her (Jezebel) space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold I will cast her into a sick bed,and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except (unless) they repent of their deeds.” Revelation 2:21-22

Repentance from operating in Jezebel spirits are a must for God’s daughters and many of His sons.

How does she bring in disease?  One of her main functions is promoting anxiety. Stress related diseases are off the charts according to medical professionals. The science behind many diseases are caused by chemical reactions to life and stressors, such as adrenaline, cortisol and dopamine. Our bodies begin to break down,from over or under producing chemicals.

There is also a conflict brought in by her and her covens, keeping drama and problems stirred up, she keeps us in crisis mode. When we are believers and belong to Christ, our inner man is conflicted by what we are feeling and doing verses what we know we should be feeling and doing. Our spirits are willing and desirous to do right, but our flesh is weak and tempted. Because we do not understand what we are dealing with,we often become depressed ,hating ourselves,with low self esteem and self worth. This feels so horrible ,we then turn to Pride,haughtiness or vanity to try and appease or mask these dark feelings. This is a tactic she uses to keep us from  true repentance.

Another way she works is through manipulation. Manipulation is often difficult to see. It comes in many forms such as flattery,coercion,gossip, tale bearing or using guile. This spirit is behind every betrayal you have experienced, especially concerning church and religious people. Her job is to keep you wounded or to use you to wound another.

One of the first prophetic words spoken over my husband and me was this scripture “And they that shall be of thee  shall build the old waste places : thou shalt raise up many generations; and thou shalt be called repairers of the breach,the restorer of paths to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:12

It was confirmed by way of dreams and other things. One recurring dream my husband used to have went like this ; We would be walking on land ,every where he looked there were foundations being laid. Too many to count ,he would say. We had no idea what that meant, until now :

Jezebel is a master at creating the breach ( Gap, broken wall). She plagues relationships,families,businesses as well as  Churches.

She is a spirit,and must be dealt with spiritually.

Doing warfare against her requires change and lots of it!

Diary of an Unlikely  Warrior discusses her in more depth,and what she can do to a person if left undealt with.

For me ,this has been the most life changing deliverance I have ever had. I FEEL different, I THINK different, I am HAPPY.

We live in very troubled times,however, Inner peace is possible,contentment is possible.

I only hope to reach and help as many people as I can,but people  must do the work. You must become open to the Spirit of God and ask for change; And when he presents it ,you must take it and embrace it! You don’t have to understand everything, God always leads and confirms.

Open your heart with us and pray, Lord God, Let your ways be our ways. Open our ears and our eyes. Cleanse us with truth. Show yourself strong on our behalves and for our families.Expose the enemy and His ways. IMG_0912Drive him out! Deliver us from evil_ In Jesus our Christ- Amen

Until next time-Peace and blessings-Angie





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